Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Unpretty Laundry Room

In my last post I mentioned how I am not waiting on pretty to get my organizing done. Wonder what I mean? Check out what I had to say on the subject.

I hopped into our laundry room and got to work.

If you may remember, we've been "remodeling" this room - since last June.

It's become quiet the project - and if I knew how to install plumbing, it would have been done months ago. But I don't.

And though these photos were taken in July, so the floor is cleaned and the tools are away, I've been living with my utility shelf in my tight hallway for months. Coincidently, that shelf was right infront of our only coat closet and infront of our bedroom door. We had to walk sideways to get into our bedroom. For months. How dumb am I??

Realizing my stupidity, I got to work.
I stacked two gorgeous new sinks on top of the washing machine box. Scooted the two pedestals next to the washer box as well. Picked up oodles of tools. And then picked up more tools. I cleaned up drywall and swept the room. There was space! Can you believe it?? Space!

I moved back in the utility shelf and began organizing.

I lined up the potions and lotions in a way that made sense to me.

Laundry supplies on the top shelf so they are most accessible.

Cleaning supplies on the second shelf. Again, lined up - any doubles were placed in front of one another.

The third shelf I placed cleaning rags and towels for the dogs.

That's also where I placed my bleach and toilet cleaning supplies. I corralled them in a basket so I can easily grab it when I need to clean the toilet.

The bottom shelf holds a gallon of paint, a basket for tools like my hammer, duct tape, nails and such. Another basket holds my lightbulbs, extension cords and flashlights. I stuck a tiny wastebasket next to the shelf and put out a rug.

Is it fantastic looking? No. Is it my dream organization? No. Do I wish that all of the junk was behind closed doors? Yes. But it's done. And organized. And every item has a home. I can breathe a sigh of relief.


Tonya said...

Good job girl! I love that you didn't hold off doing something until you could make it exactly how you've envisioned it! I've wasted so much time hating something simply b/c it wasn't exaclty how I wanted it instead of just making it look organized and clean.

Barb said...

Mandi, you are an inspiration for me to get *organized*! I am one of those with good intentions but second guess my intentions to the point of no completion! Thank you for getting me going!

Stephanie said...

but does that room smell fan-stinkin-tabulous with all the yummy organized fabric cleaners?!?!
YES! I love laundry room smells... love it.

Lucy Marie said...

You know ... my laundry room is a disaster. I always think that it's not important since no one can see it but I think you've just inspired me to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! It looks great! I won't be posting pics of my laundry facilities for a loooong time bc My laundry room is at the back of my garage. What a disaster! But that is old, tiny homes for ya!

You're amazing! Keep up the great work!!!!

John Katz said...

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The Southern Housewife said...

You SO rock! Way to go! Just think about how long you had to live with that cramped room. Now you can breathe! You are a model homemaker- using what you have! An inspiration to homemakers all over!

Anonymous said...

when can you come to my house and help ME get that organized!?!?! looks great!


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