Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Our Window Boxes

I've said it before - and I'll say it again.
My home lacks curb appeal.

The goal this summer was to up the curb appeal ante of this house and getting it looking cute on the outside. The plan was to put in flower beds, a veggie garden, trim trees (maybe take a few down - we have GIANT pine trees that are overtaking our yard), paint the house, trim, deck, and garage door. There were also plans to perhaps change a few windows and add some much needed trim around the front door. A lofty list of plans but all pretty much very doable.

And then I found out I was pregnant.

And most of all of this had to be put on the back burner. Me teetering on a ladder scraping and painting my house isn't really an option for a pregnant momma. Let alone really doing any painting at all. *sigh* I thought the plans went out the window.

But then enter my mother-n-law.

She thinks we need some curb appeal just as much as I do and has gladly offered to help with that task. She's been spear heading the idea of painting the house and upping the cute quotiant at ol' Casa Cresswell. Thank the good Lord for her. She's the best mother-n-law!

Recently I saw this photo - and my heart skipped a beat a little.

I needed window boxes! Well, not so much as need - but definatly wanted.

My mother-n-law loved the idea too and helped me plan how we would execute the plan. Then, a couple of Sundays ago, we went and she purchased all of the supplies for the window boxes. I'll repeat that - she bought ALL of the supplies for the window boxes. Including the boxes themselves. What a blessing!! Like I said, she's the best!

We decided to go with dark purple petunias. They are 'wave petunias' and are sort of "drapey". There are ten individual pots here.

We also got light purple regular petunias for a filler inbetween the wave petunias. It's the hope that this will fill in more of the spaces where the other wave petunias are "drapey". There are about 32 individual little plants here.

We purchased five of these coconut lined window boxes.

This is our bedroom window before. Ugh, it makes me want to hang my head. See that crumbly brick and chippy paint? In fact, while hanging the boxes, some of the brick actually did crumble to the ground!

Here is my father-n-law putting in some of the window boxes. This is for our living room window. Please ignore all the wayward grass below the boxes - we had just removed some dying bushes and a big pile of rocks.

Rocky road.

All installed and watered.

Do you see me waving in the window? I stood outside without makeup and my hair in a towel the whole time these were being installed. I was just way too excited to care!

These may need a bit more soil to raise them up a bit. They have also filled out quiet nicely - and it's only been since Saturday since they have been installed. I'd love to show you a picture today but it has been raining here the past few days.

One thing that got me VERY excited was when my mother-n-law told me that I could decorate the boxes for the Fall and Winter! I hadn't even thought of that! And truly, it made me just giddy! I've collected a few photos for inspiration. Let me share them with you.



Jennifer said...

Such beautiful window boxes. I love all the pictures. I haven't gotten my own planted yet, but these pics have given me such ideas.

Lucy Marie said...

Love the window boxes. Who hoo for a generous mother in law!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Yay for window boxes! Don't they add so much? I love them. And yay for generous in-laws too!

Tina said...

What a fabulous team effort! the window boxes look gorgeous Mandi:) ~ Tina xx

Elise said...

Okay, you officially have the best mother-in-law on the planet!! Love the window boxes and congrats on the pregnancy!!

Tracey said...

Mandi,, I too got window boxes this year.. love them. YOurs look great.. I love what you've done and the ideas for the seasons is wonderful!! Hope your feeling good.. the house is looking great!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE window boxes.. but never have had them myself. I am thinking I need to get serious (or get a fantabulous window-box buying m-i-l) and get me some!
So excited to see them in full bloom.
A little hint about petunia's.. water them every other day with fertilizer ~ amazing difference! (that of course is watering them the other days too lol)

Holly said...

That will be so pretty! I have the same wave petunias this year, and I love them because you don't have to deadhead to keep them blooming! I was just noticing that they are starting to get a little leggy, though, and was doing an internet search right before I came to your blog. The prevailing advice is to cut back about a 1/3 of the stems occasionally to keep them full.


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