Tuesday, October 05, 2010

30 Week Bumpdate

30 Weeks

How Far Along?
30 Weeks! Just ten more to go. Can you hear the excitement and panic in my "voice"?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes and No. In public I namely wear my maternity clothes. But around home, I'm in athletic pants and a few prepregnancy tee shirts. I think I may need a few pairs of pajama pants though. Anything without an elastic band is sucking the life out of me. (The outfit in my photos is my standard bumming around the house outfit. All prepreg - minus the white tank top.)

Sleep has been good. I usually only wake up to go to the bathroom once. It would probably help if I didn't drink so much water before bed, but I always keep a bottle of water by my side. I take my vitamins (prenatal and omega's) before bed to help avoid any nausea that those pills could have brought on. And to all of my pregnant friends out there, lots of pillows are your friend! Currently, I am sleeping with five bed pillows. And I'm sleeping great.

I find I always want Goldfish crackers. They are a munchy staple we need to have at our house. And chocolate milk. I can't down that much calcium without the chocolate anymore. Aversions?

Best Moment Of The Week?
Breathing a sigh of relief after I contacted my midwife over some cramping and pelvis pressure I was feeling. She assured me that everything I was experiencing was totally normal. And then, listening to a podcast on pregnancy, I heard about my same sympotms as well and felt totally relieved that I wasn't going into preterm labor!

She's a mover people! I love to feel those little thumps that is Aubrey. Sometimes she thwaps me so hard that my belly moves. Thankfully her kicks and punches don't hurt me. I have an anterior placenta so that is totally protecting me from her abuse. :)

She's a girly girl!
Labor Signs?
Some Braxton Hicks and my body is just expanding and stretching. But no real labor signs - thank goodness! Belly Button In Or Out?
Still in. Though my hubby likes to tease me that it's getting flatter.

What I Miss
Sleeping on my stomach. Argh! Oh how I miss that!

What I'm Looking Forward To
Putting together the nursery. It won't be for awhile but I've been working on some nursery art the past few days. I can't wait to finally have her bedding, rocker, rug and to put the whole room together.
I've reached the 30 week mark. Somehow that seems like a major countdown to me. Only ten weeks left!! I'll also be visiting my midwife every two weeks for the next few weeks.

Weekly Wisdom
Rest and relax. Enjoy this last bit of time with my hubby. It's the last few weeks it will ever truly be us again!

30 Weeks Bump


Tracey said...

Mandi, I'm so happy your enjoying your pregnancy.. I loved being pregnant!! You look wonderful and I hope blogging has helped you stay calm during these past few months and also helped speed things up. You will have that little bundle before you know it!! Can't wait to see your nursery... enjoy your Wednesday!!

Caroline said...

Won't be long now...enjoy your time together and get plenty of rest. Can't wait to see what you do with your nursery.

Barb said...

You are looking wonderful Mandi, I love your "Bump Update"! You and Shane will be wonderful parents...you are always smiling, happy Mommy, happy baby Aubrey! Take care, and have fun getting the nursery ready!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

You're in the home stretch now and looking so cute! How exciting!!!

Tina said...

My goodness Mandi, that time seems to have gone by so quickly...well from here anyways! You look fabulous. Wow, you are on the downhill run now, I am so excited for you and your husband!! Like everyone else, I can't wait to see your little Aubrey ~ such a beautiful name:) Wishing you a wonderful week 31. Hugs ~ Tina xx

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading how you are doing and seeing the pictures of you. I wish we could be up there with you for your pregnancy!

Real Life Reslers said...

Hey there! Just wanted to drop by and tell you I hope you have a great weekend!

Mindi Hoellein said...

First - My baby is 8 months old and I SOOOOO miss being pregnant when I read your posts! Second - I drank nearly a GALLON of milk every two days when I was preggo. I gained almost ALL of my weight from about week 35 on, probably from all that milk! And Third - I missed sleeping on my tummy too. And now? I CANT sleep that way no matter what! Ha! Anyway, you look super cute! Here's hoping your next ten weeks flies by. :)

Holly said...

So at the time I'm writing this you only have about 7 weeks left! Wow! This is such a special time...you will never have the last few weeks of your first pregnancy ever again, and you will always remember this. Enjoy it!


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