Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pinterest Saturday : Home Inspiration

If you are new around here, you may not know that my family and I live with my in laws. There are seven adults, one baby and four dogs living under one roof. Crazy enough, we all have our own bedrooms. Well, Shane, Aubrey and I share a room but that one you might have figured out. We have been renovating our home for the past year. It has pretty much been torn completely down and is being rebuilt as I type. When I move home, there will be brand new walls (including studs, insulation, windows and drywall) for the entire house, a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, paint, wiring and on and on. It's such a long process and I'm dying to move back home but in the end, this waiting will be worth it. In the meantime, I virtually redecorate my home everyday. I can't wait to physically get in there and move furniture, put paint of walls and fluff some pillows so until then, I just dream!

So until there is actual real decorating, enjoy some of my pins from my Home Inspiration board on Pinterest.

I think this is such a cute idea to keep towels organized. Especially when everyone has the same color towel.

My Grandma used to have a Dutch door between her kitchen and screened-in porch. I always loved it! Our mudroom will be attached to our kitchen and I'd love to have a cute Dutch door in between!

If only I had this kind of room!

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Love this solution for dog food!

This so has to be a feature in my house one day. Someday and somehow I will make it a reality! And did you notice the cute labels on the drawers in the back of the picture?

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

I'm going to use this photo as a jumping off point for our bedroom. Love the frames!

One wall of our mudroom will be cabinetry. Period. We need storage so badly in our home. The cabinets will serve as a home for Christmas decor, everyday decor, off season clothing, hunting supplies and dog training supplies. This is the photo my hubby is going off of for inspiration.

I find myself loving this aqua blue. I find it in such a theme with things I'm attracted to home wise. We'll see whether or not I'm brave enough to paint my walls this color or decide to go with fabric accents of the blue instead.

I just adore this room!

What a cute reading nook!

My dream craft room. You've got to follow the link to look at all of the photos.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Hellos black and white kitchen! And a star. Be still my heart!

Love this laundry room!

Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

And finally, the reason I want a hammock. What a dream space.

So that's it for Pinterest Saturday! Check back next week for more inspiration. And, if you can't wait, feel free to follow me on Pinterest! I'm pinning something new everyday. If you follow me, I'll follow you back. The more inspiration, the merrier!


Annie@A View On Design said...

love your pinterest pics - I'll def follow them!!! I only just recently found out about pinterest, isn't it amazing!!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

wow - I just checked out your pinterest collection - you on the ball!!! well done.


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