Wednesday, September 07, 2011

An Ordinary Wednesday

It's just an ordinary day around here.

I've started a new devotional by Beth Moore and already am challenged.

We had a good breakfast of scrambled cheese eggs, turkey bacon and a slice of toast.

I'm folding small little shirts, pants, socks and washcloths.

The sun is shining and it becons me to take Aubrey for a long walk.

Soon Aubery will wake from her morning nap and we'll get ready for lunch.

Later on I'll make Shane a big meal to take to work. He's traveling out of town working the late shift all week.

Crazy work schedules are just normal around here.

The night will cap off around 7 when I'll put Aubs in the tub for a long soak and a good play. Then it's her last nurse of the night and then she's off to dreamland.

Whatever your ordinary day holds, may it be great. Happy Wednesday Friends!

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