Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aubrey's Candy Corn Costume

Yesterday was our church Harvest Party. It's basically an alternative to Halloween for kids. I was going to meet another mommy friend there and we were going to peruse the party with your kiddos. She wasn't able to make it so Aubrey and I went anyways. My mom had made her a candy corn pillowcase dress and I was dying for Aubs to wear it. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Believe it or not, these are the best photos of the day. Aubrey was far too busy people watching to dare look at her mom and her goofy picture snapping ways. I think people thought I was a little nuts at some of the photos I took.

I loved that there was a room set up for woman and little girls to have their nails painted. Gals from the youth group massaged lotion onto your hands and then painted your nails. We were also offered the most delicious punch. Here's my glass complete with a little lemon slice. How nice is that?

My nails. I probably should have asked for a second coat, but having my nails done is a luxury that I was too giddy to care!

One of the activities at the Harvest Party was "Cookie Decorating". We ... well, mainly I, made this for Daddy. He took it to work in his lunch today. I hope he doesn't trade it for something better. :)

Again, this is the best photo I could get from my distracted little girl. There was just too much eye candy!

Cheerios. Mommy's best friend! I even keep a little hippo container, identical to the one above, in the stroller for emergencies. And by emergency, I mean those instances when I need a distraction for Aubrey.

Probably the best shot of her costume. I just adore this little dress! I only wish she had been able to wear it more.

This is Aubrey's Candy Corn Boutique Bow that I made for her the night before the Harvest Party. I absolutely love making these bows! They are just so fun!

And the side view of the bow - for those bow loving gals out there. :)

So that was a glimpse of our Saturday! I hope that this weekend has been great for all of you so far!


Barb said...

Adorable, and fun blog entry from you! Aubrey is the sweetest little the costume! Have a great week!

Holly said...

I love her little candy corn outfit! SO cute! And the bow, oh my goodness...LOVE it! Nothing sweeter than those big bows on little cute girls!

morrest1101 said...

So cute! Adorable dress =)

I'm going to have to redress the kiddos in a day or two to get some better pictures in their costumes since both were feeling horrible. We went for about a half hour and then high tailed it home. Needless to say, neither kiddo wanted to cooperate for mommy and her crazy camera!


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