Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Series: Starting The Morning Off Right

A picture of our morning. Bible Reading and Devotions, tracking Weight Watcher Points Plus, a good cup of coffee, and breakfast for Aubrey and I.

It's been one of those mornings. I'll spare you the details because I know we've all been there and I know that you don't want my junk cluttering up your day. But just know that it's been a morning filled with a load of frustration and anger ... and I've been awake for less than 45 minutes. Insert "sigh" here.

But it's also one of those mornings where I know that I need an extra dose of grace to get me through. I cannot get through my day without a healthy dose of time with the Lord. I find that if I'm not dedicating some of my morning to prayer, learning, and Bible reading, I'm just not a good wife or mom. Can you tell that I haven't done it yet?

Every morning, during breakfast, I read my Bible and a devotional while Aubrey and I enjoy our breakfast. I sometimes read outload the verses or the devotion to her. At ten months old, she can't yet understand what I'm saying but I love to know that I'm surrounding her with the Word of God. 

Sometimes this morning routine is the only way I can get through.  

And today when I need the kind of grace that covers this angry heart, I'm anxious to get to that place with the Lord. I encourage you to spend your morning with Him. I know that mornings can be so rushed. I get it, I know. But can you wake up 15 minutes before the house explodes with activity? Or can you take some time while the kiddos nap? Or some time on your lunch break? Or even a few minutes before bed? I encourage you to set some time aside to gain strength, wisdom, and knowledge for the journey. It makes such a difference in my day...and my attitude. My whole family benefits and then I know I'm making strides at being the mom I really want to be.

And if you're really struggeling with spending time with God, here is a post I wrote about carving out time when I was a brand new mom. And trust me, I still use some of those techniques because there are days when time is the last thing I have.


Lisa said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner!

I start every day off with Bible reading and I love it. It makes everything go so much smoother!

Tracey said...

Reading this you are encouraging me to really amp up my day. I get up and head straight for the coffee and then to the computer... I need to stop and start my day with God. I think we get into such a routine, that it's hard to break free!! I am trying to do a Beth Moore study right now... please pray for me to change my morning routine!!


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