Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pinterest Saturday: Craftalicious!

Last night I got together with a friend for a craft night. We are both Pinterest addicts and we decided to put some of those pins to good use. We both had a ton of projects that we wanted to complete. Here is how far I got:

I put together this frame with cork inside for a mini-bulletin board. I plan to put favorite quotes and my weekly goals onto it. I have it hanging next to my desk so I can see it everyday.

Right now there is nothing more than this little embellishment but soon enough, it will be brimming with inspiration. Or so I tell myself.  :)

Then, I made an attempt at creating some coasters from tiles from Home Depot. The tiles themselves were really cheap - only 28 cents. I've read that in America they are only 16 cents. Lucky dogs. But really, this was SUCH a simple project. I put together a set of coasters for a friend who just bot a house. This is part of her housewarming gift.

Sorry for the flash but it was the only photo that wasn't blurry.

I then made myself a coaster for my desk. I always have a glass of water on the go and thought that a cute coaster would just be fun.

I quickly realized that my passport cover and my coaster had a lot in common. Check out that color scheme.

My friend also made these cookies.

Oh my, they were every bit as good as they claimed to be. DELISH. I wish I had a few right now.

Got to love some good inspiration! We're crafting next week so I hope to show you some more projects. This time, I hope I don't forget my camera so I can show you some of these projects in progress.

Now onto some more inspiration!

In honor of all things crafty, that's what today's Pinspiration is all about. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I have broken down most of my crafting pins into different categories. It makes it a little easier to find what I'm looking for. And with 57 boards, well, I need some organization.

Here we go!

Here is a tutorial for tinting jars. It seems pretty simple and they definitely look so pretty. I collect colored fruit jars so this project is right up my alley.
Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

Market fruit bags from tee-shirts! These are on my list to recreate!
Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

With four dogs in our home, buying those uber expensive dog beds is kind of out of the question. But this DIY option looks so cheap and easy. And, if the pups chew their beds, I won't be out a whole lot of cash!
Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

A fancy Corn Hole set. My dad was going to make each of us girls our own Corn Hole set one year for Christmas. I'm hoping to convince him that this is the year. And this is how I want mine to look! Cute!

Our fourth wedding anniversary was on the 13th. I'm dying to recreate this sweet project.
Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

DIY Photo Canvases. I have a number of tutorials pinned. Gosh, people are so darn smart!
Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

We taught Aubrey to drink from a straw instead of a sippy cup so when I saw these paper flowers, I totally thought of her. Though she's a bit too young for them now, I know that soon she will just love them.

I think this pretty felt wreath is going to tackled on one of our upcoming craft nights.
Source: None via Mandi on Pinterest

A chart for flowers using different mediums.

If I had a little boy...and could really sew...I'd make this for him. Wait, maybe I could make it for my nephew, Max! But, I still don't have those sewing skills. Hmmmm....

A charming pearl necklace how-to.

Thought I use a laptop, I still find myself wanting to make one of these adorable mouse pads. So stinkin' cute! Maybe for a gift...?

And finally, I wanted to leave you with the tutorial I used for my coasters since I didn't really provide you with the how-to. Enjoy my friends! I know I'll be making many more!!

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Paper Blessings said...

How fun to have a pinterest craft day! LOL. One of my pins is "Today I will create something from Pinterest" and I always have good intentions, lol. I've tried some of the tips/tricks though and those are great! What is your pinterest link so I can follow you? Maybe we should start a Pinterest Pin Day blog hop to get people creating and putting those pins to use! LOL

GREAT work! Can't wait to see more.


Michelle Arean said...

Can u share link for tutorial to make
Coasters??? It's not opening thru above link. Thanks! :)


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