Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pinterest Saturday: Pumpkins and Costumes

Hi Friends! How is your weekend? Things here are great. The weather is a little rainy but it makes for cozying up in the house all the sweeter. We'll have to venture out in a little bit though because Aubrey has an awesome opportunity to be photographed by a local photography studio for some promotional shots. Looks like the photographer has some new backgrounds in and wanted Aubs to be her little model. The shots are Christmas related and if I'm able too, I'll show you them when the shoot is done. I'm so excited for this opportunity for my girl!

This Saturday's Pinterest inspiration is full of costumes and pumpkins. Some of these costumes you may want a few weeks to plan for so I thought I'd post them a few weeks before Halloween. And then, I just had to throw in some pumpkin love. I've been planning to grow a pumpkin patch for the past three years but something always gets in my way. Next year for sure! Maybe. :)


Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Mini-Audrey Hepburn. Could this not be more adorable?!

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Or how about this cutie-pie scarecrow? Adorable!

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

I have to admit that when Aubs is older, I would LOVE her to be the Queen of Hearts. This costume is incredible!

Fact. This Dwight Schrute costume is the best. How cute is that kid??

Purple pumpkins? How fun!!

This trick-or-treat bag is so darling. I'd use it all year...if it didn't say "Trick-or-Treat" on it. :)

Dollar store pumpkins covered in fabric. What a great, inexpensive craft!

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

A monogramed pumpkin.

Oh Martha - you know how to make my heart skip a beat!

Pumpkin Teeth. Haha!!

Another take on a monogramed pumpkin.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

And still another way to gussy up your gorgeous gourd.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

And finally a few more cute treat buckets. Love them!

Are you on Pinterest? If not, you'll love it! It's full of inspiration. If you need an invite, message me or leave a comment. I'll send you one right away. And if you're on Pinterest, feel free to follow along with me. I'll follow back because the more inspiration, the merrier!

Have a great Saturday!


Jennifer said...

I laughed SO hard at the Dwight costume. Whoever made that is too funny.

I also love the Trick or Treat bag. I'm making G's costume and would love to make a bag like that for her to "carry" her treats in.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I just posted on my blog that I'm a Pinterest addict. Don't know whether to thank you or trash you!


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