Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Seven

This week is going to be a pretty busy week for me. Tomorrow I'm helping to host a suprise birthday party. Tuesday we go to have our picture taken for a group shot of all of the babies born in 2011 at our midwife clinic. Wednesday will go on the list of being one of the biggest days of my life. I'm heading in for my immigration interview. It is the final step in becoming a Permenant Resident in Canada. Basically this interview determins if I'm accepted or denied status. It's a big deal and I'm incredibly nervous! I'd appreciate your prayers!

I definatly need this week's Sunday 7 to help me focus. And, I've already put some of it into practice. I hope you can take a few minutes this week to focus on your top seven areas of your life and zero in on what your priorites are this week.

Here are mine:

1. Faith:  Spend each morning with the Lord. I can't seem to function if I haven't. Invest in a journal and start writing out my prayers again.

2. Family:  I have some emails that I need to write to family members and I'd also like to print some photos of Aubrey to send to family as well. I also need to put together some birthday gifts for different family members and mail them too.

3. Relationships:  Put together a "Congrats On Your New House" basket for a friend who just purchased her first home. I wanted to do this last week but an unexpected spending freeze kept me from doing so.

4. Home Organization:  Aubrey is finally in her own room so it's freed up our bedroom to be a space for Shane and I. I'd like to finish the last bit of moving her into her own room and sort through our belongings. Time to find a home for everything!

5. Work:  If I'm approved for Permenant Residency, I will finally be able to work in Ontario. I've been dying to sell Scentsy so I may finally have a time frame for when I can begin. This week I want to listen to some more training videos and pull in my focus on starting my own business!

6. Health and Fitness:  I'm only a little over a pound away from reaching my 5% goal at Weight Watchers. I'm kicking it in high gear this week! Attending my second Zumba class on Wednesday. Attend my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday.

7. Me Time:  I indulged in a nice, long, hot bath this evening. I got to read my new Weight Watchers magazine as well. I later watched my favorite tv shows - "Desperate Housewives" and "PanAm" while drinking a Retro Pepsi. That was definatly a treat! A perfect way to start off this busy week!

Here's to hoping you have a wonderful week!

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