Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pinterest Saturday: Weight Watchers

Today I've reached a really big milestone in my journey with Weight Watchers. Today, I have officially lost 5% of my body weight. HOLLA!! Boy, I was doing a happy dance today at my weigh-in. I've been plugging away at Weight Watchers since the end of May. It's been quiet a battle, let me tell ya. I think this journey would be a whole lot easier if I were home where I could order my own environment. Living in another person's home has not let me take 100% control of my surroundings as far as food and healthy options are concerned. Many days I'm subject to what meals are prepared for me and somehow I have to work that into my daily points allotment. It's been a struggle but I can see my mindset totally changing. I crave exercise - I've even begun to run! It's definitaly a journey and one that some days, I'll admit, I'm not too excited to be on. But today when I reached that goal of losing 5% of my body weight, well, let me tell you, it felt amazing. I can't wait until the next 5% is off!

So, today's Pinterest Saturday is dedicated to Weight Watchers and all things Fitness. I hope you can grab a tasty new recipe or a little motivation to get moving!

I've made these muffins/cupcakes and they are AMAZING. They are "lick the bowl" kind of good. Just make sure you are tracking those licks as points! I have yet to make the frosting so that's something I'm pretty sure that will take these muffins/cupcakes over the top!

I'm hoping to make this recipe some night for my Friday night craft night with my friend, Christine. Weight Watchers has come out with this little mini gingersnap cookies that can be purchased at the meetings. I think they would be delish dunked in this dip!

Give me cheesecake and call me a happy girl. These mini-ones looks soooo tasty. I was disapointed when I saw the recipe called for light pie-filling. But! I was in our grocery store and was delighted to see that they actually had light pie filling! I can't wait to make these yummie looking morsels!

I must love desserts. I mean, really. :) Yum!

I saw this to myself as I'm running...or slowly jogging. :)


Bubble Pizza. This looks so good. I just love pizza and to think that this is Weight Watchers friendly. Yum-o!

I've come to love Zumba. I learned at my WW meeting that an hour of Zumba can earn you 8 to 15 activity points depending on how hard you work. Yeow!! I love that if you follow this link you can watch Zumba fitness videos. Our class is $10 each session so it will be nice to do these inbetween my paid classes.

I love this idea of putting together smoothie packs for those busy mornings. Follow the link to see how!

I am a Shamrock Shake junkie. I LOVE them. I'm excited the Hungry Girl made her own version.

This snack is right up my alley. Light vanilla yogurt, pumpkin pie and some pumpkin pie spice. I'm hoping to give this one a whirl this week!

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

And finally, there are no more excuses as to why you can't exercise - especially when traveling. I'm totally speaking to myself here. Resistance bands are light, compact and you can take them anywhere and get a great workout.

So here's to having a great upcoming week filled with all things health and fitness! Anyone one else on Weight Watchers? I'd love to hear your favorite tips and recipes!

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