Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sunday Seven

It's Sunday it's time to take a few minutes to focus on what our upcoming week looks like. I've been reading the book "Life Management for Busy Women" by Elizabeth George for the second time. There are so many great nuggets of truth and wisdom in regards to managing every area of our lives as women. I was particularly struck by these words she penned:

"It's been said, "If you don't plan your day, someone else will plan it for you." So I ask you,w ho is the best person to plan your day? Who is it that has prayed through your priorities and desires to do God's will? It's you, dear one! Don't let someone else who is clueless about your goals and your God-given desires and priorities plan your day...Don't let someone else have God's day! Instead, plan your day, schedule your day, and protect your day!"

Those words really resonated with me. So it is with that resolve that I'm diving into the Sunday 7 to help focus this upcoming week. It will be a busy week full of lots of demands so it's best to focus it now in these quiet Sunday afternoon moments. Here we go!

Here are the seven area's that I'm focusing on this week:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Friendships
4. Organization
5. Business Life
6. Christmas
7. Me Time

Faith: For years I have journaled my prayers but recently I just haven't bothered. Maybe it's been the fact that my hands have been busy with my baby but lately I've really missed having a pen in hand while doing my morning devotions. I bought a little notebook yesterday and I'm putting it to good use this week.

Family: This is an exciting week for me as I head to Pennsylvania to be with my friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I just plan to spend as much time as possible soaking up every minute with my loved ones. Mom is hosting 18 people for Thanksgiving. It will be a full house and I'm looking forward too it!

Friendships: Recently God has answered my prayer about finding some great friends here in my Canadian town. I'm hoping to get together with my friend, Christine, before I leave town. We always have a blast and I need a does of good laughs with her before I go away for the weekend.

Organization: It's always such a production when we head out of town. There is packing and planning for two adults, one baby and two dogs. I'm the strategic packer and so this week I'll be focusing on laundry, packing our bags and preparing all of the little things in regards to our trip.

Business Life: Y'all, soon I'll be selling Scentsy...and I can't wait! In the meantime, I'm doing a series of basket parties. So, I'm putting together samples, catalogs and such to send to friends and family. I'm also hoping to host two parties so putting together the details of those events needs done quickly.

Christmas: I had to throw this in because the weeks are ticking by quickly! I need to write down each gift we are purchasing and set aside the cash for those gifts. Many things will be purchased online so I need to make those purchases soon in order to have prompt shipping.

Me Time: This week I'm going to combine my Me Time and my Health and Fitness time. This week I'm going to take a couple of walks, turn up my ipod and just soak in the time outdoors. We have yet to have any sort of snow that's stuck which is unheard of for Northern Ontario. I'm taking full advantage of being outdoors because soon the next time I'll see grass will be sometime in April!

So there's a glimpse into my week! What is yours holding for you? Is anyone Black Friday shopping? What are your holiday plans? I'd love to hear! I hope everyone has a great upcoming week!!

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