Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Office Inspiration Board

Our house is still in the throws of renovation. We've now been out of our home for almost one year and seven months. Crazy. But the good news is that we are inching closer to the finish line. Enough so that I can finally start coming up with concrete plans for the various rooms of our house. Every single room will need a makeover as each wall has been torn down and rebuilt. New paint colors need chosen, new curtains to be made and since we are moving home with a new member of our family - our daughter, Aubrey - life will be completely different so many of our old systems and furniture layouts will need to be rethought.

I pretty much redecorate my house every day in my head but now it's coming to the point where I really need to actively make some choices about what I want our home to look and feel like. It's been a lot of fun with Pinterest as it makes seeing a variety of inspiration easy. I even have a board dedicated soley to "To Recreate In Our Home".

So today got me thinking about my office. Since moving out of our home, I've become a business woman (a fancy term I like to call myself :) ) but when I signed up to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant, I decided to really treat it like my business. This will also be the room I use to carry on the paperwork side of running our home. Here I will keep our files, bills, and all of that kind of paperwork type stuff so good organizational systems will for sure be needed. But in the meantime, I'm thinking about how to make it pretty!

Inspiration truly hit today and I've pulled together a quick inspiration board while Aubrey was napping.

So here it is!

Let me break it down for you and give you the resources where you can find these items yourself.

The rug is from Dash and Albert. Oh how I love SO many of their rugs. I think this classic stripe in a fun pink will be just the bit of fun that my office needs. I love pink but don't want to bathe my office in it. I think this rug would be fantastic!

The fabric bunting is from a sweet shop on Etsy called A Fete Beckons. Aren't these things so darling? It took me awhile to jump on the bunting bandwagon but I truly think they are so darling.

The lamp is from Shades of Light. This is a jumping off point for my creativity. I cannot do the price that Shades of Light is asking but I do so adore the subtle pink of the lamp and the lines of it. I'll be looking for a similar shape of lamp and then paint it a pale pink. Thanks for the inspiration Shades of Light!

The desk is from Ikea. In my office will be two work surfaces. Currently I have a large, heavy, white farm table as my desk. It's pretty beat up and needs a new coat of paint. Though I love it, it does not offer the storage that I need in a desk. It's quiet big so it will be my work surface where I do messy projects and wrap my Scentsy orders....not at the same time though. :) The Ikea desk will be on the opposite side of the room - sitting under the window. With two drawers and a cupboard, there is plenty of space for my doodads and office supplies.

I've been in love with these cabinets from JCPenny for years. Literally, years. My plan is to get two of the white cabinets and place them side by side. One will house my Scentsy stock and business supplies. The other will be for craft supplies and other office basics. I could also see that black cabinet somewhere in my house but that's another post for another day!

Now, this fabric choice may change - but for now I'm liking this paisley print from Michael Miller. I think I would use it as curtains. The overall scheme of my office is white with touches of pink and soft torquise blue thrown in. I've yet to find a fabric I've truly fallen in love with but the whismy of this print has caught my attention. I'm picturing it as drapes. We'll see though. :)

When we go to do the baseboards of the room, I'm really hoping to beef them up like the above picture. I love the look of a strong baseboard so this is something I hope to implement in my office.

And lastly, I'm just loving this arrangement of pictures from Talia at Pieces of Me. What a statement! They would be perfect on the wall near the office door. I have so many fun prints I'd like to frame. I just adore this arrangement. If it's not used in my office, you bet your boots it will be used elsewhere! Click through to see the arrangement in Talia's home. It's breathtaking!

So that's about it for my inspiration. We've got a ways to go when it comes to actually purchasing these pieces and only time will tell if we really do use these things - but it is certainly a jumping off point! This will help keep me focused. Already I have chosen to NOT buy some things because it didn't go with the vision of my office. I just like too many things. :)


Tracey said...

Mandi, I love your inspiration!! I love the color choices and the paisley print is great!! I think your heading down the right road and you'll be surprised how it will all come together. Your idea about your business is right on target. Your a business woman.... treat it as such and you'll go very far!! Thanks for a wonderful post and a very inspiring one at that!!! Congrats!!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Sounds wonderful Mandi.
I hope you had a terrific time in Vegas.


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