Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hey Y'all!

Hello everyone!

How are you on this beautiful day? Today here in Northern Ontario, Canada, the weather is cool and crisp. The sun is shining and it's a quintessential beautiful day.

Today Aubrey and I went to the most adorable birthday party for my friend Christine's son. He turned a year old a few weeks ago. The theme was "mustaches". Once she puts together a post of all of her amazing party plan skills, I'll be sure to link you to it. It's amazing what this girl can do! It was also fun to get together with a wonderful bunch of friends. Our kids are all around the same age ranging from 8 months - 3 years. We've watched everyone grow up together. It was truly a wonderful picture to see all the kids gathered around the table eating and then doing a painting project. It was such a wonderful day.

With this cooler weather, my mind is turning towards Fall. I've already began to make plans for all of the things we will do these upcoming months. I've got my Scentsy Pumpkin warmer going warming the most delicious scent - Caramel Pear Crisp. Wow, it's so unbelievably good. It has me pining away for sweaters, crunchy leaves and getting all cozy bozy.

I've taken quiet a bit of a blogging break and I'm ready for that break to be over. I'm ready to start connecting with all of you again. I've missed y'all so much! This time of year brings new beginnings and I can't wait to start a new beginning with this blog and with all of you. Yeah!

My kiddo just woke up from her nap. The party totally wore her out. I'm off to kiss her cheeks! We'll chat soon!


вιτcнzιllα ♥ said...
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Angela said...

Hi there, I'm not sure if you read the comments or respond to them.. I could not find another way to contact you. I LOVE your printables for your 'home management' binder from August of last year. I'm wondering if you could maybe email me a short tutorial (or long if that's ok) on how to create my own printables? I've been looking everywhere and am not having much luck. And yours are perfect, simple and sweet. I really want to customize my binder and make it my own, but I am stuck on this step!! I will get any program you tell me to, I just need to know how to get the images, how you set it up etc. I generally use Photoshop for things but again, I will get any program you tell me to! Please please please help!! My email is if you could email it there, or maybe message me so we can chat about it. I would so greatly appreciate it, more than you know!!!! Thank you :) Have a wonderful day!



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