Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spread the Love - HUGE SALE!

I've shared my love for Dressing Your Truth a few times here but just wanted to pop in to tell you that Dressing Your Truth is having an incredible sale on their online course. It is normally $269....but right now it is $69!! Y'all, I've NEVER seen it priced this low before. If you've been thinking about purchasing the program for yourself or someone you love, NOW is the time! You have until Thursday to take advantage of this unprecedented offer. Seriously y'all...this program has literally changed my life in SO many ways. This is a true gift to yourself. Do you have any questions about Dressing Your Truth? Send me an email or leave me a comment. Let's chat! If you're reading to become your best self, follow this link. To see some amazing Before and After photos head here. And pssst....did I mention that you get a $20 gift card just for signing up? Hello shopping spree!!

If you want to read more about my Dressing Your Truth journey, you can read about it here.

Dare to allow yourself to live your best, most beautiful life. You deserve it!

My After - Little Miss Type 1 - Bright Animated Woman :) 

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Angela said...

I have emailed you and have not gotten a response.


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