Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Life Planner!

Did you know that I love organizing? I do. I'm a nut. And I'm an even bigger nut when it comes to organizing supplies. I'm the girl who's searching hashtags on Instagram about organizing, planners and all other means of paper-ie goodness to keep oneself on track and on plan. (If you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me! I'm always looking for new friends to follow! I'm at Mandi_Joy).

Many of you know that I created my own paper calendars and organizing binder to keep myself on top of all the things going on in my life. But, it wasn't as portable as I needed it to be. I needed something that I could shove into my purse and take on-the-go with me. I've been LONGING for an Erin Condren Life Planner for a few years now but could not justify the extra money that it took to ship to Canada. A couple of months ago though, I advanced a level with my Scentsy business and became a Star Consultant. It was a big accomplishment and I wanted to reward myself in a big way. So I bought myself a Life Planner! Now I can see the reward of my hard work every day and am reminded to push myself when it came to my business. Plus, I just can't get enough of the colorful little personalized book! It totally fits my Type 1 nature. :)

My Life Planner showed up early in the morning. I was still in bed! My hubby brought it to me and my two year old, Aubrey, helped me open it. Oh what eye candy!

Here are a few photos of my new BFF. :)

Even the box is pretty! The phrase on the side of the box says "Celebrate Something Everyday". I can totally get behind that!

I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging. Every detail was totally taken care of! 

My little cutie who couldn't wait to tear into the tissue paper. I felt the same way! 

And there she is! I was able to customize my name and the tag line underneath. It says "Wife. Momma. Independent Scentsy Consultant. Living and Loving Life."

I added a Pen Loop holder to my order so that I'd always have a spot for my pen. Even the packaging for the Pen Loop is cute. Seriously, people, every detail was covered! 

Pen Loop Holder  

Inside my Life Planner. There are all kinds of quotes and lots of beautiful designs and colors. It's pure eye candy!

Super cute repositionable ruler. I know I'll use this all of the time!

Fun, colorful tabs mark the months. 

Sorry this photo is turned sideways but wanted to show that the days are broken down into "Morning", "Day" and "Night". There is also a section for "Goals" and "To Do's".

There were several pages of lined and unlined notebook paper included in the Life Planner. 

LOTS of fun stickers to put on your calendar for all of the special days in your life. 

Vegas! I know my hubby and I are both hoping to use these stickers again this year! 

There are lots of blank stickers included as well so you can write in your own activities. 

The "Keep It Together" Pocket. It's basically a little folder for all of your loose papers. I tucked in a postcard from Erin Condren because it had a coupon code on it. Don't want to loose that! That's actually Erin sticking out from the pocket. :)

I know some may balk at the price tag of a Life Planner. I think it's worth every penny - but the exciting thing is, there are LOTS of freebies that are included with your Life Planner! This is one package of labels that were included with my Life Planner. 

Super fun "get together" cards. Can't wait to hand these out for appointments that I set up with Scentsy and to give to new mom's that I meet!

More stickers! And, that super duper cute swirly clip was included in my order. You can kind of see this sealing zipper pocket that's in the Life Planner too. Love that it can hold my business cards! 

Many more stickers!!! 

My colorful pens for my colorful Life Planner! There is a different pen for each person in my family and for different appointments and my Scentsy parties. 

To help my family stay organized, I also purchased a desk calendar. I was able to customize this with our name and a tag line as well. 

There it is! My Life Planner! I'm so excited about these tools to help my family and I stay organized through our super busy life! Do you have a Life Planner or a planner that you love? Have you blogged about it? Leave the link in the comments!

Find your own Life Planner at Erin Condren!

Have a great day!


Regina E. Coley said...

This is amazing. Where can I find one of these. I need it in my LIFE! :-)

Rachel said...

I ordered one of these planners right after reading your post!! I put your blog down when it asked where i heard about it!! I am moving to toronto in about 30 days so i hope i get my planner soon!!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Regina - you can find the Life Planners and all other kinds of beautiful goodness at!

Rachel - THANK YOU!! I see from your profile that you are in MO? Moving to TO?? That's so awesome! What brings you to Canada?

Rachel said...

We are coming for my husbands work! I am setting up my blog so that i can blog about my adventures!! I am thinking my first blog will be when I get the planner. If you have any tips or must do things please let me know!!

Jennifer said...

LOVE my Erin Condren planner so much!! I had a 2012 one and I didn't realize how much I would miss it when it ran out, I agree that it's so worth the price!

Simply Domestic said...

I love my EC planner (I'm on my second one.) I'm totally !type A and and it's perfect for me. I love your family calendar. I may need to get that one next!

Jessica said...

How big/small is it? How does it fit in your bag? I'm hoping to spoil myself with a Thirty One bag this year which SHOULD fit this but I'm wondering how big it is in case I don't get a new bag.

Hi I'm Amanda said...

Yay, you have blogged lately??!! Go momma! I went on to blog, but my account is locked and can't figure out how to get it unlocked, I promise it's not spam, haha!

But I will have to make sure to get one of these next year with the new Silpada business... I didn't want to fork over the price, but I can see that it is well worth the expense and beautiful!

Jessica said...

Ok, SUPER random Q, but I LOVE how you've separated the different "titles" on the second line and I was wondering if you added those bullets in when you were personalizing it or if you put in commas and they put in the bullets when they put it on the cover for you.

Sarah said...

Love your post!! I was wondering if the pens you showed above leak through to the other side of the page?
Thank you!,!

samantha thomas said...

I'm curious where you found those particular staedtler silver ball pens?mi have found the triplus fine liner all over, but I would really like to try the ones you have...I can't find them in stores or online?


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