Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hope For a Weary Morning

My daughter is sick. She's not been herself the past week. Twice now she has thrown up everything in her tiny two year old body. I'll spare you the details of her sickness but just know that we are low on bed linens and I'm low on energy. Did I mention that my husband is sick too? As I type, he's curled up in bed resting. Aubrey is eating an apple and watching "Max and Ruby". I'm sucking back the last bit of my lukewarm coffee. I completely forgot that I had brewed myself a cup and things took me away from drinking it right away. When I rediscovered it, I decided to drink it anyways. Keurig cups are way to precious to waste. Earlier I discovered that my Diet Dr. Pepper that I had placed in the freezer yesterday to get col had exploded in the freezer. Cleaning up frozen pop was not on my agenda today.

Do you know what was on my agenda?

Working out. Making a turkey dinner. Doing some business organization  Planning for my upcoming Scentsy party. Relaxing after an exciting but busy weekend. Getting ready for this weeks birthday celebrations. Going to an Eric Church concert tonight.

Most of that isn't in the cards today.

I was threatened to feel angry about that. But there was a very comforting Bible verse that soothed my soul today.

I'm thankful for social media. This morning I've already connected with four mom friends who have sick little ones. I came across that Bible verse because another mom of a sick little posted it. It was like water for my weary soul. I felt such peace reading it. Soaking it in. And I had to pass it along.

Today isn't what I planned. Today is going to challenge me to be more "on call" than I wanted to be. I'm playing nurse, doctor, wife and mom today. I can't promise that I won't get to the end of my rope today but I will rest easy knowing that there is peace to be found in this process.

Wishing you a happy day friends.

(P.S. Feel free to share the above image. I made it for y'all.)

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Jennifer said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


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