Friday, April 18, 2008

Deadliest Catch Joy

I woke up today to the greatest suprise! Sig and Edgar Hansen, of :Deadliest Catch: fame were going to be on the Martha Stewart show!! To get my excitement, you have to understand my extreme love love love for this tv show - and you also must know that Sig and Edgar are my favorites. This tv program shows the deadliest job in the world, crab fishing in the Bering Sea. I'm a devoted lover of the show - been known to watch episodes up to three hours a day. (While doing other things - but still). This past week, I have been watching the first season on DVD, nonstop. Nonstop people. As of last night, I told Shane that this weekend he was going to watch the whole season with me and that if he ever saw the 2nd or 3rd seasons to buy them for me. Then, as I am watching the opening credits of Martha, she tells me that they are going to be on her show!!! I FLIPPED!!! I was so excited. It made my total month...yeah, obsession. You have no idea.

So this weekend holds a lot of cleaning up around our house. The weather is wonderful and beckoning me to be outdoors. We were supposed to go to PA for the past two weekends, but found out yesterday that it wasn't going to work out this weekend. Totaly bummed.

Have been really missing my friends and family lately. It's extremely hard to be so far away. My heart has been aching. I miss them - you all - so much.

Must depart - DH and I are going for a coffee and then to the bookstore to read for awhile. Much love!!

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