Monday, April 21, 2008

A Fresh New Day

This weekend we took the plastic off of our windows and threw them wide open. The fresh air swirling throughout the house is absolutely delicious. Each morning, after waking up, I open most all of the curtains in our house. I open the blinds and let the sunshine it. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. I've been enjoying so much this amazing weather. I just stop and breathe it in. Mmmm. We made it through the long, Canadian winter. And it feels good.

Yesterday, I crafted with my sister's-in-love. We made decorative wooden blocks. I made a leash holder to hang on the wall for Tag's leashes and Shane's wistles. And, I begun altering a gorgeous frame that looks like a four-pane window. Altering. I'm all about changing up the look of ordinary objects. I'll post pixs sometime!

We're getting ready to head to PA this weekend. Finally!! We were supposed to go for the past two weekends but each time it hasn't worked out. This time it will and I can't wait!! Will finally get to bring some of my items left from home. Will be purchasing some paint so that we can finally get the decorating/painting done in our home. Though we have a second coat left to do in the RR room, the dining room and two halls to paint, the living room, the scraproom/guest bedroom and all of the baseboards, I plain on painting myself SILLY until it is done!! I am so sick of powder blue and not decorating the way I really want to. It feels soooo freeing! Can't wait!

Things just feel so fresh today. Fresh. Even the word makes me feel so peaceful. Fresh. Ahhh. Fresh. Much love, ya'll!! I'm off for the night! ~M

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