Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's a Green Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

In response to this "holiday", I will tell you some of the things that my little family is doing to become more earth friendly.

- We now use cute totebags (made by my lovely mom) to hold our groceries instead of using plastic or paper bags.
- When washing the dishes, I partially fill a sink of water to use as my rinse water. (Saves us on our water bill as well - we pay for the water that comes in and goes out.)
- We are doing our best to buy organic food products.
- This summer we will be growing a garden and I am in the process of planting an herb garden.
- Turning off the water while brushing my teeth.
- Running full loads of laundry and will soon be hanging those clothes (minus unmentionables) out to line-dry.
- Recycle. Yes, we do. Everything.
- We are getting a composter. Think of that lovely fertelizer for my garden!
- We mainly use rags to clean with (cleaning rags, not dish cloths!). Though when the dog widdels, I insist on using the paper towels.
Soon, I will invest in earth friendly cleaning products. Shaklee or something.

It's just our small part to help the environment. Though, I am really on an organic food kick. Lol, I won't get all into it, but we are attempting to do it.

Well, I must go. Hubby wants to head home. Much love and goodnight. ~M

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