Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Living Room Update

I finally painted the living room! It's a pretty shade of minty green complete with white trim. Friday we will pick up our new couch, chair and loveseat. They are a creamy white microsuede. I'm just so excited to finally have our living room how we want it. Missing: my black table for the computer. Oh well, it will be coming in a few weeks. We also moved into our new bedroom. I still need to do some work to it - decorating type work. I will get a move on that tomorrow. Things are coming together and I am more than thrilled. It's taken almost 6 months to get our house in order, but it is coming. I hope to be able to get the rest of the paint needed for our RR room, the dining room as well as the hallways. I'm also hoping to get some hanging baskets to spruce up our outside. Unfortunatly, money is tight and things like that don't usually take priority but one can always dream. :)

Getting really excited for Julie's wedding coming up soon! In just a couple of weeks! My baby sister...married. Wow. That means that all of the sisters will be married. I'ts exciting to think about. Lucky for me - DH is also in the wedding and he will be my escort.

Must head off. Much love and have a great night! ~M

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