Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello! This is Us!

Wow, has it really been this long since I last posted? Good grief. I guess I haven't posted for a bit because I've been FRRRUUUUUSSSSTTTTRRRRRAAAATTTTEEEEDDDD with Blogger. In my own stupidity I happened to revert my settings to the classic blogger format. Thus, loosing my former background and such. Well, you'd think I could just click away to put myself into the good graces of the newer blogger. Wrong-o. I (along with some other frustrated users) are lacking this all important button that won't allow us to upgrade our templates. It's a known blogger issue and until they fix it, I'm trying to deal with the "classic...i.e. un-user-friendly" version of Blogger. And I'm not impressed. Grrr.

On to more pleseant things. I'm posting pix!! Ahh! I'm excited! So, this is me.

Or, here I am with my new (well from July) haircut. A little Katie Holmes-ish.

Here is my hubby, Shane, and our dog, Tag.

And our newest addittion, Bee.

So, this is us! Our little family. I'm going to do another post, but I'm nervous this computer is going to go bonkers on me. This library computer just can't be trusted! :) So, thanks for being patient with me as I try my hand at sharing with you my life. I've enjoyed so much sharing each and every one of yours. Thank you!!!

Love, Mandi

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Tonya said...

Mandi, you and your hubby are so freakin' cute! What did Shane do to his hand/arm/wrist/whatever? Your puppies are sweet too!

I love your hair! I so can not do bangs! I've got these amazing cowlicks that make any sort of bang go all wonky on me. I have tried and tried to work w/bangs, but I am an unashamed "tucker". So, when I do have bangs, it drives me crazy when they're in my eyes and I can't tuck them behind my ears. After 34yrs, I've finally figured all this out! ;) If I'm gonna have bangs, they've either got to be long enough to tuck or short enough that they don't bother me. UGH!!!

FYI, you new layout is amazing!!! How long do you think the drive would be from Northern Ontario to Kansas?! ;)


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