Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sunday Seven...On Monday

I missed The Sunday 7 yesterday so since this week has just begun, I'm going to post today. Yesterday we had the "Fall Kick-Off" at our church. Sunday School classes were started and for the first time, I am able to go to a class. I've usually been a teacher or there has been something that has prevented me from attending but yesterday I joined a class. We are watching a video series called "Love and Respect". It's about how husbands and wives can show respect and love to one another. So far it's been very interesting. I'm excited to go deeper in the class. Yesterday was also Aubrey's first time in the nursery. Not for lack of trying though! I have attempted to drop her off a few times but there was never a worker for the infant nursery. Which is incredibly strange because we have a large church. But as part of the Fall Kick-Off, they revamped the nursery program too. So in Aubrey went! She was so tuckerd out that when her daddy picked her up after church, she was fast asleep. The nursery was such a gift yesterday as I was finally able to enjoy an entire church service without taking a talking/crying/babbeling/loud baby out of the sanctuary. Praise God for nursery workers!

Most people can classify their 7 most important areas something like this:

Health and Fitness
Me Time

You determine what your top 7 are in your life. Here are mine for this week.

1. Faith: God has been really challenging me to respect and serve my husband. Two different concepts that go hand-in-hand. Trying to live that out this week. Also to start every day digging in my Bible and praying.

2. Family: Do something as a family. We've all been going in different directions lately so this week I hope to just spend time together - Aubrey, Shane and I.

3. Relationships: A friend is having a really hard time and I'm going to do my best to meet some of her needs this week.

4. Organization: Begin to prepare for the upcoming Holidays. Canadian Thanksgiving is in two weeks and I want to be ready for that. Also to begin thinking about Christmas gifts and planning for traveling out of town.

5. Health and Fitness: Get in 4 walks this week. Attend me Weight Watcher meeting on Saturday.

6. Finances: Put together a budget for spending money. Time to save for some big purchases!

7. MeTime: Go to Starbucks for a nice drink. Enjoy the time alone.

What are your top 7 things that you will be doing this week? Feel free to leave them in the comments so we can all encourage one another!

To read more about the Sunday 7, head to Allison's blog to read more about it. She created this awesome system!

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