Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Are Worthy

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Hey friends!

Last night I was able to take a nice hot bubble bath. What a luxury! I mean, truly, it was. To have some time to myself to soak and unwind was priceless. I received the sweetest bath kit for Mother's Day that I've been able to use a few times - last night being one of them. My sister-n-laws friend makes handmade soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs and the like and she put the kit together. It truly is a treat.

Last night got me thinking. When was the last time you took some time to truly enjoy yourself? To take a few minutes out of your day to do something you want to do. To treat yourself. To enjoy a little luxury like a hot bath, or a good book, or a fancy coffee drink? Dear Friend, you are precious and so worthy of that time.

My challenge to you this week is to carve out some time for you. To take no less than 15 minutes to enjoy something for you. Maybe you'll need to put the kids in front of a movie, or drop them off at a neighbors. Maybe this week you just don't have the extra spending money for a new treat like a piece of jewelry or even that drink from Starbucks. Then take some time to do something else. Enjoy a walk at your local park. Or put on your favorite DVD. Or paint your fingernails. Or take a nap. Now that's a luxury to me!

Dear One, you are so worth it. You are valuable, precious and so worthy of taking some time for yourself. You deserve it. So do it.


Julia said...

I totally agree! Taking care of ourselves and ensuring our needs are met are like "banking investments" but in ourselves. What we give out we need to get back so we can continue to give out. If we don't, our tanks (or bank accounts) will run dry ...we ARE worthy of it!

Jenn said...

I have recently just started realizing this. I put so much time into taking care of the house and my son that I forget to take care of myself, as for as taking a small break. Sometimes, we really do need it. :)

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

So true Mandi. Marcus speaks about this in his video. I've been so blessed to have a son that has discovered the pure joy of enjoying the small things!


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